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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Take 2 on "Illegal Alien" Halloween Costume

(This was posted to address respondents to my first comment on the USA Today article "'Illegal Alien' mask flap spooks retailers" http://content.usatoday.com/community/comments.aspx?id=36565726.story&p=7 )

I realized when I posted my first comment that it would have too many words and be over the heads of those folks that use any excuse to demonize people and hurl insults at Democrats, "libs," President Obama, or whomever else they fear are circling their homes in black helicopters. The scared and pathetic always need an enemy to direct their venomous delusions toward.

To "digitaldon37," drivers who have made that "illegal right turn" are not called "illegals," the issue isn't describing an ACTIVITY as illegal, such as illegal immigration, it's applying it to a person, which is not done to people who have broken any other laws, which is why I used "murderer" to make my point. Rapists, burglars, Wall Street embezzlers, hit-and-run drivers, whatever, substitute any other law breaker and they are never referred to as an "illegal."

To "lipstickonapig," of course I read all the comments posted before mine, and it was the same old tired, hateful, xenophobic garbage that followed it. That is what prompted me to respond with such detail. The statement "whether YOU (meaning me) consider our borders civil or criminal is not the issue" is ridiculous, because it is the LAW that defines immigration violations as civil, not me, you, or the KKK. You've also given yourself away that you're a racist and you didn't really read my "overblown tutorial" from your statement "It's not that americans won't do those jobs, it's just that they are not stupid enough to do the job for less than it's worth, like your gente. What it comes down to, is you sound like just another one of those ignorant latinos that was fooled into voting for Obama because he "promised" to reform the immigration laws of this country and give these latin moochers a free ride."

 I specifically said I'm a W.A.S.P. with ancestry from when this country was only colonies, and if you don't know what that means, I'll get even more specific: I'm Scots-Irish-Anglo-Saxon with red hair, hazel eyes, and fair skin that doesn't tan. And once again, you associate "illegal immigrants" with Hispanic/Latino, when most of these in the US aren't even immigrants, legal or otherwise, they're native-born, and there are large numbers of immigrants you would classify as illegal from Asia, as well as a sizable number from Ireland in the Northeast. But in spite of this and my emphasis that I'm not an immigrant, nor Hispanic or Latino, I still get the typical ignorant responses peppered with "GET OUT", "round them up and send them home... then build the fence between the US and Mexico."

To "scknowsit",and others using crime rates as a strawman, the fact is that immigrants are LESS likely to commit crimes than native-born Americans, and are MORE likely to be crime victims. Two weeks ago, a Hispanic immigrant mother was stabbed during a home invasion and her newborn was kidnapped by a blue-eyed blonde, white female citizen claiming to be with ICE. Thankfully, the baby was found days later, but then TN Children's Services took the baby and her other 3 children into custody "purely for safety reasons" for several days before being returned to their parents, who were "cleared...of any wrongdoing." Cathy Nahirny, senior analyst for infant abduction cases at the National Ctr for Missing & Exploited Children has said there are at least 2 other cases using similar tactics, and that immigrants are targets because it's assumed they won't go to the police. http://www.fox8.com/sns-ap-tenn-newbornsnathced,0,7793079.story
Contrast that with the white family of the girl whose father was convicted in August of her death from "faith-healing" but the other kids were never removed, and the more recent balloonboy-hoax family who still have their kids despite their neglect and exploitation broadcast live on multiple news programs to millions of people.

Of course "scknowsit" is a racist douche who advocates shooting people for civil infractions. Hope he/she doesn't get stopped for a traffic violation, karma could mean death-by-taser from a highly-strung police officer. But bigots don't need reality and facts on their side when they have hate and ignorance to fuel their us-vs-them chest-pounding tribalism. Thankfully, America isn't the island from Lord of the Flies.

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