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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Educated response to Obama's Healthcare logo comparison to Nazi symbols

Title links to site on this issue where I posted a reply --

LabrujaRoja 3:19 am on August 8, 2009

Is everyone really that friggin ignorant? Choice of logo should not be at all controversial to anyone with half a brain, quick search finds this entry for Caduceus symbol:
 “Caduceus ~ Symbolic staff surmounted by two wings and entwined with two snakes. Among the ancient Greeks the caduceus was carried by heralds and ambassadors as a badge of office and a mark of personal inviolability, because it was the symbol of Hermes, the messenger of the gods. The caduceus has been adopted as a symbol by the medical profession; it is also the emblem of the medical branches of the United States Army and Navy. Source: Encarta Encyclopedia”
 There it is, boring cultural context, medical symbol used to represent medical care. There are numerous sites including pictures. No “Nazi” eagle, look close wackjobs, just the wings as classically described. Unless all Western doctors are Nazis, oh, including those serving in US Army and Navy. What’s next, attacking flight attendents who give kids souvenir wings by calling them recruiters for Obama-as-Hitler Youth? Obama isn’t threat to America, it’s that education system produced so many stupid people shouting stupidly.

Here's link to another site comparing Obama's healthcare logo to many of these I refer to above, plus a few others offered by folks posting replies, some pretty funny.

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