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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Super-clinic finds super-need in L.A. region -- latimes.com

Don't let Dick Armey/Freedom Works get away without saying how their anti-public option group explains the 10,000 uninsured or underinsured expected to be treated by Remote Area Medical's eight-day clinic in L.A.

This international charity who's primary focus was third-world countries and disasters, now serves thousands in America EVERY YEAR at annual clinics, like the ones in TN, VA, and KY. Most of these folks are working, and many have insurance, but it is grossly inadequate. People are camping out, sleeping in cars for days to be in line for treatment, including children. What is his solution for them? The insurance executives he's in bed with make millions every year, that's EACH, not just spread over whole company. People are suffering and dying NOW from rationed care. But something tells me they're not showing up at these town halls, too busy working or standing in line for treatment that, if they're lucky, still comes only once a year.

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