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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Rosa Parks Poster Torn Up At McCaskill Town Hall (VIDEO)

To all claiming not racial, just her fault for having sign, clip doesn't show footage of white people inside with signs, held up over their heads, and police overheard saying it doesn't look good to only remove black person while leaving whites alone, but they do anyway.

The white people clapping when she was shoved out didn't see what happened, they just whooped and hollered.


Video proves race was an issue, both by unequal enforcement, and automatic assumption on the part of white crowd and Senator McCaskill that black women had done something wrong, not the old white guy. When Maxine Johnson was interviewed, she denied causing trouble McCaskill mentioned, told her version of events, and when clip showing old guy starting it was played, interviewer Rick Sanchez said, hmm, shows she was telling the truth.

She also said many signs were brought in, and when entering, she was only told not to hold up while Sen talking, out of respect, which is why she rolled it up and kept it down. Considering her word on the rest of the story has been confirmed by video to be true, her version of other events also hold more credibility than rabble cheering from ignorance and prejudice. Ms. Johnson deserves an apology from Sen. McCaskill. I hope to go to my Congressman's town hall this week, but I'm worried--not alone and not without a videocamera.

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